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Got questions about air duct maintenance? Get the answers and more here. Find out little details about the benefits of duct insulation, how you can keep ducts dry and how you can protect them.

I will be leaving my house for some time; how should I protect my air ducts?

Air ducts that don't have air flowing through them can accumulate dusts, debris, and undesirable particles over time. They can also be invaded by insects and vermin. If you leave your house unattended for some time, experts at Air Duct Cleaning Venice recommend sealing the ducts or at least ensuring that the filters are intact. It also helps sucking out damp or humid air that could be trapped in the ducts to prevent condensation.

How do I keep air ducts dry aside from applying insulation?

Insulation is an effective way of preventing duct condensation problems. However, it's still possible to encounter moisture issues with insulation already installed. To avoid moisture getting trapped inside the ducts, avoid turning the air conditioner on and off. You can vacuum the air inside the ducts if you need to turn the air conditioner or heating system off for a long time. Additionally, if your problem involves ducts in the attic, consider having ridge vents in your attic.

Can I improve the insulation condition of air ducts?

The truth is that older air ducts were not properly insulated and some were not insulated at all according to the recent findings of Air Duct Cleaning Venice. There are excellent and practical kits on the market which include insulation materials. Air duct coating repair is not an easy process and would require your patience but it will make a difference to the indoor temperatures and operation of the HVAC unit.

Is it okay to disregard minor leaks?

No. Leaks in air ducts, no matter how small, can mean bigger implications. They can grow over time without you noticing, and it can be an entrance point for insects and other pests to live in your air ducts. If you notice tiny leaks, patch them up right away with duct tape and consult our professionals.

What is the best way to clean the kitchen exhaust hood filter?

Permanent filters should be removed carefully and soaked in degreaser until the oils inside them are dissolved. The next step involves washing the item in warm water with dissolved liquid detergent. Proper rinsing is essential. It pays off to put the filter in the dishwasher for best results. The filter must be completely dry when it is set back into place.

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