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Best methods to clean your ductwork

Smart tips that can make your air duct clean and efficient. Get to know the best methods to clean your ductwork here. Residential duct cleaning can be tricky. Read our tips for the smartest how-to ideas.

Best way to save energy

Air duct cleaning is not an easy process but it doesn't place every day and improves spectacularly the indoor air. During condenser unit cleaning, leaves and dirt will be removed and the unit will breather better but air duct seal repair would even make a greater difference. When cracks on air ducts are sealed properly, you can save up to 30% of energy.

Watch out for molds

Your air duct system may be prone to moisture which will eventually cause breeding of molds. According to our experts in Venice, a good solution to this problem is to wipe away the mold even before it starts to hold on. This process should be done at least once a month or perhaps when you see spots starting to pile up.

Replace the filters before completely damaged

If the filters are damaged completely, dirt will pass into your room and dust will make you sick and sit on your furniture. During air filter cleaning, check the corners and edges of the filters and if you see any problems, it's best to replace them. It's vital that air filters are in perfect condition.

Check the merv rating of HVAC air filters

Choose a filter with a higher rating as it will capture more types of particles and larger numbers of them.

Dyer vent cleaning will help it work better

When your clothes dryer can't ventilate properly, it negatively affects the dryer's operation, your home’s energy efficiency, and the condition of your clothing while in the dryer. A clogged dryer vent will seriously affect the temperature of the dryer and clothing, especially delicates, can be ruined by too high a temperature. By making sure your dryer vents stay clear, our specialists ensure that your dryer works as it should and doesn't do damage to your clothing.

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